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10 Creepy Real Estate Stories That’ll Make You Gasp With Fear…or Laughter!

Sometimes the scariest thing in the job of a real estate agent isn’t a mile long inspection report detailing foundation issues, or seeing your buyer pull up in a new car before their mortgage is approved. From the just plain weird to the downright freaky, the crazy situations agents find themselves in would surprise anyone who hasn’t been in the biz.

Below is a curated list of stories from fellow real estate agents who dared to share the spookiest, creepiest things they’ve come across when out listing and selling homes. Some can probably be explained away, while others are just downright funny…and a few will leave you scratching your head and wondering about the existence of “the other side”…

1. Out of the mouths of babes

2. The creepy canine

3. Getting ghosted

4. Head-scratching headstones

5. Nothin’ but knockin’

6. Even the ghosts are too busy in NYC

7. Again!? Does “he” do this often?

8. Maybe it just had great “central heir”!

9. Movement that’ll make you wanna move

10. Time to consider new construction